Metro Magazine

Oliver contributes regular features and interview pieces to Australia’s oldest film and media periodical, (produced by the Australian Teachers of Media).

His features have included: 

An Audience with the Don (McAlpine)
Capturing Romance: Love Is Now
The World of Heightened Reality: Ross Emery on Cinematography
Tackling Demons: Heath Davis' Broke
Behind Closed Doors: Josh Lawson on The Little Death
Remembering Rod Taylor: Trailblazer of Aussie Masculinity on Screen
Animating Gallipol (25 April)

Not Quite Richard Franklin (Mark Hartley's Patrick) 
Queer Controversy: Roger Ward on The Set
Pushing Boundaries: Stephen Sewell on Embedded and Erotica on Screen
Sci-fi on a Shoestring: Che Baker and Sarah Mason on Blue World Order
A Life in Pictures: Sally Aitken on David Stratton's Love of Cinema
Landing Success: Luke Sparke and Carly and Carmel Imrie on Occupation 
Creation in the Cutting Room: Jill Bilcock on the Art of Film Editing 

The Changing Face of Genre (for special 200th issue anniversary) 

Kiss me Deadly: Robbie Studsor on Burning Kiss 
Out of the Trenches: Kriv Stenders on Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan and Revisiting History

Hell Hath No Fury: Tony D'Aquino, Andrew Marriott and Lisa Shaunessy on The Furies

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